smart Tradeshow Kit Reservation Tool

An online reservation tool and back-end administration system to manage inventory

smart Marketing and Branding offers tradeshow kit rentals to their representatives for trade and promo events across the U.S. that promote their utility and charm. The current way of managing and reserving these kits was 100% manual via email, phone, and spreadsheets.

As the sole designer, I designed a system for reps to reserve a kit and for the vendor to manage inventory in a more reliable, efficient way.


smart USA

Project roles

Interaction, interface, HTML/CSS

Project output

Responsive desktop reservation app, administration desktop app

User flow and interactions were quickly explored using static wireframes.

smart Tradeshow Admin wireframe 1


smart Tradeshow Kit Admin wireframe 1


Available kits dynamically load onto the page as dates are selected.

smart Tradeshow Kit Reservation Tool Screen

In order to add a kit to the cart, we allowed for the user to both drag the kit into the cart...

smart Tradeshow Kit Reservation Tool Screen

...or single click.

smart Tradeshow Kit Reservation Tool Screen

Management and fulfillment

We worked with the vendor that fulfilled the kits to understand what their current process was for managing and shipping the kit orders.

We found that the entire process was managed among three team members via email and telephone. Tracking all of the kits for the U.S. were managed with a single spreadsheet.

Since the work was entirely manual, we wanted to make sure that the new administration site wasn't over-designed with the intention that functionality would be added as they spent more time with the system.

smart Tradeshow Kit Admin Screen