Don’t be afraid to design like shit

Every so often, wading above the sea of reddit rubbish, I discover a true gem of a post that adds an additional perspective to one of the several things I’m struggling with at any given time.

…don’t be afraid to write like shit.

Worrying over whether it’s ‘good’ or not is an exercise you save until you’re done. Write an awful sentence. Shit, write an awful chapter.

Even though I’ve written about designer’s block and how I manage it, I still benefit from how other people describe the same suspicions of inadequacy that I feel every time I begin something that is slightly out of my comfort zone. More often than not, I just need to grease the wheels so I can get the hell out of my own way.

My particular brand of grease is, “the crappier, the better.”

But I’m upgrading that to, “Don’t be afraid to design like shit.”


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