On Beating Designer’s Block

This article was originally written for Webdesigner Depot and was published on February 25, 2015.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t blinked in a while. I think this because my eyes are dry and so is my mouth. My face is tense and my chest feels tight. I’m noticing that my breathing has become shallow and I’ve got […]

Don’t be afraid to design like shit

Every so often, wading above the sea of reddit rubbish, I discover a true gem of a post that adds an additional perspective to one of the several things I’m struggling with at any given time. …don’t be afraid to write like shit. Worrying over whether it’s ‘good’ or not is an exercise you save until […]

The “Whole” Designer

I used to think that a great designer wasn’t anything more than an aggregate of skills that are mastered over time. I followed the best designers and thought, “I’ll be set once I get that good…once I work on that account…once I work with those people…once I learn Illustration, JavaScript, Xcode, Photography…[insert skill you read about in some random “Top 10 Skills You […]

That Time I Choked aka Fear and Self-Loathing

It’s 11:30pm and I’ve got nothin’. I have a folder full of every single Mercedes-Benz model silo’d out and ready to go and I’ve got nothin’. Some big meeting to present design concepts for a kiosk is happening in less than 10 hours. I’ve been moving objects back and forth across the screen for the […]